Standard Nanodiy stabilizer for white and light materials.


Nanodiy Gold stabilizer is powder with gold glitter. Purpose is for print vector graphic with gold effect.


Nanodiy Silver stabilizer have multiple different types of silver glitter.


Nanodiy Vintage stabilizer for dark materials. Purpose of Nanodiy Vintage is for print simple vector graphic with pastel colors.

MTF (Metal Transfer Foil)

MTF foils can be used for light and dark materials. They are characterized by very light use without the need for plotter and cutting.


Nanodiy Neo foils with best effect on dark materials. In combination with Vintage stabilizer, they give the effect of fluorescent colors without cutting.

Standard Stabilizer

Stabilizer Standard (and other stabilizers) is a powder that serves as a binding agent and color activator.
Color and dust when not in contact are inactive. However, when they mix, they bind and activate at a
certain point and eventually make one component. The standard stabilizer is used for white and light-
colored materials. It is also used as a binding agent for MTFs. Moreover, it can be used to print photos
and vector formats.
Demanding to use: 4/10

Package: 200g

Gold & Silver Stabilizer

Stabilizers Gold and Silver are stabilizers that contain gold glitter while the silver one contains several
different types of glitter which, depending on the color you print, gives a different effect. It is used to
achieve the print with an effect. They can also be used on light-colored and dark materials while the
greatest effect is achieved on dark materials.

Demanding to use: 6/10

Package: 100g

Vintage Stabilizer

The Vintage Stabilizer is used for printing on dark materials and can only print vector formats and some
graphics that do not contain gradients and fine transitions between colors. The photo cannot be printed.
The stabilizer contains particles of white pigment. The Vintage name is due to the reason that the
printers used for printing, because of a technical structure, cannot print a sufficient amount of ink on
the paper to paint all the white pigment in the stabilizer. Therefore the result printed on the dark
background gives the impression of pastel and unsaturated colors.
Demanding to use: 9/10

Package: 100g

MTF Foils

MTF – Metal Transfer Foil is film for thermo transfer print in different color with effect. Must be used with Standard Stabilizer and with NEO and WHITE foil, must be used with Vintage Stabilizer. For Nanodiy MTF foils is no need for Cutter, they are transfered on Nanodiy print.

Dimensions: 700*30cm
Package: Roll