Advanced i3200S 42cm

Advanced printing system

  • 2xi3200 Printheads
  • NANODIY RIP Software
  • resolution 720×2400
  • printing speed 4-5m2/h
  • white ink mixer
  • white ink circulation
  • white ink status sensor with signal
  • Digital powdershaker with manual functions

Digital manual powdershaker

  • 2 heating zones
  • Simple screen
  • preheat board 
  • rewinder

Discover the power of 2x i3200 Printheads, combined with NANODIY RIP Software, delivering exceptional performance and precision. Experience true clarity with a resolution of 720×2400, ensuring your prints are of the highest quality. Boost productivity with a printing speed of 4-5m2/h, allowing you to meet tight deadlines with ease.

Our system comes with a white ink mixer and circulation, ensuring consistent and flawless white ink applications. Stay informed throughout the printing process with a white ink status sensor providing real-time signals. To top it off, the Digital Powdershaker, equipped with manual functions, adds the finishing touch to your projects.

Speed 4-5m2
Print quality
Head durability
Color Gamut wit 4 color


Table for printer

Table for shaker

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