Premium i3200LE 60cm

Premium LE printing system

• 2xi3200 Printheads
• NANODIY RIP Software
• resolution 720×2400
• printing speed 5m2/h
• white ink mixer
• white ink circulation
• ink status sensor with signal
• 2 heating zones

Digital powdershaker

• Digital powdershaker
• 2 heating zones
• Touch screen
• belt
• vacuum

Experience the power of 2x i3200 Printheads, driven by the cutting-edge NANODIY RIP Software, offering precision and performance beyond compare. Discover unparalleled clarity with a resolution of 720×2400, ensuring every detail shines through in your prints.  Boost productivity with a swift printing speed of 5m2/h, accelerating your output without compromising on quality.

Our system includes a white ink mixer and circulation, along with an ink status sensor that keeps you informed throughout the printing process.  With 2 heating zones, you can achieve optimal temperature control for perfect results. Embrace the future of printing with the Digital Powdershaker, intuitive Touch Screen, reliable belt, and efficient vacuum system – all designed to elevate your printing experience.

Speed 5m2
Print quality
Head durability
Color Gamut wit 4 color


4 color or 8 color system

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