UV Flatbed FB3050​

nanodiy uv flatbed printer

UV Flatbed printer 30x50cm

• 2 x Epson XP600
• NANODIY RIP Software
• Print resolution 720×2160
• Printing width 30x50cm
• Printing height 10cm
• Print speed 1,5 m2/h
• CMYK + White + Varnish
• Multilayer printing
• White ink mixer
• vacuum plate

Introducing the UV Flatbed Printer

Discover the power of 2 x Epson XP600 printheads, seamlessly integrated with NANODIY RIP Software, ensuring precision and efficiency in every print. Achieve remarkable clarity with a print resolution of 720×2160, capturing every detail with exceptional precision.

Unlock creativity with a generous printing width of 30x50cm and a height of 10cm, allowing you to explore various applications and materials. Boost productivity with a print speed of 1.5 m2/h, perfect for meeting your deadlines without compromising quality. Experience vivid results with CMYK + White + Varnish ink configuration, offering endless possibilities and captivating finishes.

Ensure consistent and flawless white ink applications with the built-in white ink mixer. Optimize printing stability with a reliable vacuum plate, securing your materials for pristine output.

Speed 1.5 m2
Print quality
Head durability
Color Gamut wit 4 color



Printing UV DTF

4 color or 6 color system

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