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NANODIY was founded in 2015, although the start of development was launched a few years earlier. The basic concept of our business is to provide our customers with EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE. Our activity is the development (and sale) of technologies and ancillary equipment for the production of textile and sublimation transmission machines. In 2015, NANODIY patented a solution for making transfers for cotton material, and only with a four-color printer with the help of special NANODIY inks, paper and stabilizers. The development of the first NANODIY technology was followed by major changes in 2019. The new management, with the serious support of the company, which has been operating in the VISCOM industry for 20 years and has over 70 employees, is constantly striving to improve both the technology itself and the entire business of NANODIY. We have paid great attention to the development of RIP software that takes the whole technology to the next level. With the help of advanced RIP software, high-quality final products are obtained, ie machines for textile transfer and sublimation. In 2020, NANODIY will include DTF technology in its range. With our existing NANODIY ALL IN ONE technology, along with the new NANODIY DTF technology, we have managed to get closer to our goal and set the business concept we want to have, and that is – ALL IN ONE PLACE. The development of technology continues.


NANODIY’s mission is to constantly develop and improve “user friendly” technologies, made of quality materials, which will be available at affordable prices. Our VISION is to provide support to a person who just wants to start a “small business” with minimal initial knowledge and minimal financial investment, but also support users of large businesses in the segment of graphics on textiles and sublimation materials.

NANODIY boasts the unique ALL IN ONE technology that we have designed and developed ourselves. The name ALL IN ONE justifies the possibilities because with just one technology (one printer) it is possible to make textile transfer materials, materials that are both polyester and cotton. Cotton materials can be from the lightest (white) to the darkest (black). In addition to textile transfer, ALL IN ONE technology makes it possible to produce sublimation raw materials – all with the SAME PRINTER and the SAME COLORS. Making transfers is at a very high level, which proves great resistance to washing. We guarantee our final products over 30 washes in the washing machine at no higher than 30 degrees, the print will lose up to 10% of color intensity after 30 washes. By working with ALL IN ONE technology, it is possible to create additional effects, such as sequins on silver or gold prints, effects with MTF foils of various colors and designs, retro (Vintage) print effect, as well as prints with fluorescent effect.
Advantages of NANODIY ALL IN ONE technology:
Great opportunities with little investment
Ease of operation
More attractive effects
High print quality
Smaller workspace required (up to 2 m2 of work surface)
Suitable for beginners or as a supplement for already developed companies

NANODIY has made an effort to meet the different expectations of its products from less demanding to more demanding users and very demanding users. For more demanding users who focus their business on making prints on textiles, NANODIY has included the well-known DTF technology in its offer. Thanks to its previous experience, NANODIY has advanced DTF technology to its higher standards. Even younger DTF technology gave significantly better results after our modification. Transfer made with NANODIY DTF technology gives excellent results after application on textiles, both light (white) and dark (black), as well as many other textile materials.

Advantages of NANODIY DTF technology:

  • Fully automated system on the principle of “PLUG and PLAY”
  • Easy to use
  • Thin print
  • Highly resistant machine washable printing (over 50 washes at no more than 40 degrees)
  • Flexible printing (highly stretchable)
  • Equal quality on white and black textile materials
  • Possibility of application after a long period after the transfer
  • Transport of the transfer after making the print and before applying it to the textile (sending by post)


Both of these technologies would not be so special without NANODIY RIP software. In collaboration with DevStudio from Italy, we have developed new RIP software using our NANODIY ALL IN ONE and NANODIY DTF technologies. With the help of this software, you will achieve very high quality results in working with the mentioned technologies.

Advantages of NANODIY RIP software:

  • Ease of operation
  • Color savings (RIP software controls the amount of color when printing)
  • Gamut color after printing as on the screen
  • Calculation of color consumption per print
  • Graphics modification (resizing and “cutting” graphics in preparation)
  • Possibility of archiving jobs
  • Multiple print modes for different materials
  • More resolution options
  • Choice of tobacco and roll option (work with DTF technology)
  • Selection of white coat percentage (work with DTF technology)

NANODIY has also provided the necessary raw materials for its customers, which have been tested for our technology. We have a stable stock of raw materials for ALL IN ONE (textile and sublimation papers, paints, stabilizers and MTF foils) and for DTF technology (paints, stabilizer and PET film sheet and in rolls), and we regularly look for new items.
In addition to raw materials for ALL IN ONE and DTF technologies, we also offer a range of raw materials for sublimation such as sublimation cups, puzzles, mouse pads, pendants, watches and so on, where we also regularly search for new items.

NANODIY has decided to use better quality thermal presses on the market at affordable prices. GALAXY thermal presses are of high quality with additional features that most other manufacturers do not offer. GALAXY thermal presses have the ability to change the bottom plates with adequate sizes for working with certain materials. This feature greatly facilitates work on sleeves, socks, as well as hard-to-reach parts of textile and other sublimation materials.

NANODIY company wants to provide its customers with EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE, which is the basic concept of our business. Every creative work requires equipment, such as scissors for cutting foil and paper or very sharp and reliable Olfa scalpels, and for storing stabilizers we also have tubs with a stand, as well as heat-resistant tapes that are extremely helpful when sublimating with NANODIY ALL IN ONE technology. We are also regularly looking for new items.

NANODIY has gained the satisfaction and trust of its customers primarily through its Technical Support when it is most needed by both our partners and end users. The experience and dedication of the NANODIY team from the technical support sector will ensure the solution of all possible difficulties in the work that users of NANODIY technologies have in their work, as well as the elimination of possible malfunctions as soon as possible. The relationship with our partners and customers is very important to us, so we are constantly interacting with them. In addition to solving needs, NANODIY technical support is also there when it comes to positive things, such as helping to install new printers from the NANODIY range, giving guidelines and instructions for easier work and so on. The continuation of the development of technology and services is continuous in this segment as well.

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