Advanced XP600S 30cm​

Advanced printing system (basic)

• 6 colorCMYKLcLm
• 2x XP600 printheads
• NANODIY RIP Software
• Resolution 720×2160, 720x 1440
• Print speed 2 m2/h
• white ink mixer
• white ink circulation

Digital manual powdershaker

  • 2 heating zones
  • Simple screen
  • preheat board 
  • rewinder

Experience the epitome of color brilliance with our 6 color CMYKLcLm system. Powered by 2x XP600 printheads and supported by NANODIY RIP Software, achieve breathtaking resolutions of 720×2160 and 720×1440 for unmatched clarity and detail.

Our system ensures both speed and precision with a print speed of 2 m2/h, making it ideal for high-quality output in a time-efficient manner. With a built-in white ink mixer and circulation, you can effortlessly achieve consistent results with white ink applications, adding depth and versatility to your prints. Unlock your creative potential with our printing solution and elevate your projects.

Navigating through your printing tasks has never been simpler with the user-friendly simple screen interface, providing intuitive control and seamless operation. Experience enhanced print quality and reduced production time with the preheat board, ensuring your materials are primed for exceptional printing results. Streamline your workflow effortlessly with the rewinder feature, making handling and managing printed output a breeze. 

Speed 2m2
Print quality
Head durability
Color Gamut wit 6 color


With built in PC
intel i5
16GB ram 

Table for shaker

Table for printer

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