Premium i3200H 60cm

Premium printing system

  • 2xi3200 Printheads
  • NANODIY RIP Software
  • resolution 720×2400
  • printing speed 5-8m2/h
  • white ink mixer
  • white ink circulation
  • ink status sensor with signal
  • 3 heating zones
  • automatic moisturizing system
  • automatic unwinder system
  • automatic cleaning
  • film shortage sensor
  • auto pinch roler opener
  • Digital powdershaker with manual  or automatic functions

Digital Smart powdershaker

  • 3 heating zones
  • Touch screen
  • Automatic recycling powder system 
  • belt 
  • vacuum

Our advanced printing system features 2x i3200 Printheads, ensuring remarkable results. Paired with NANODIY RIP Software, achieve a stunning resolution of 720×2400 for exceptional clarity. Our current system is available with 4, 6 + 2 special inks or 8 colors, offering an unparalleled printing experience. This unique configuration allows us to achieve vivid and captivating colors, while expanding the color gamut to new horizons. With this advanced setup, your creative possibilities are boundless, enabling you to bring your vision to life with exceptional brilliance and precision.”

Boost productivity with a rapid printing speed of 5-8m2/h. The white ink mixer and circulation system guarantee consistent performance, while the ink status sensor keeps you informed every step of the way.

Enjoy seamless operations with 3 heating zones, an automatic moisturizing system, unwinder, and cleaning features. Stay on top of your workflow with the film shortage sensor and auto pinch roller opener.

And to top it off, our system includes a Digital Powdershaker, offering both manual and automatic functions, for effortless efficiency.

Speed 5-8m2
Print quality
Head durability
Color Gamut wit 4 color
Color Gamut wit 4 color
Color Gamut with 8 colors


4 color 

6 color + 2 special

8 color 

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