Termo Preša – Galaxy 40×50

1. Auto-release
With a quality electro-magnet,the upper platen automatically release at the end of the time cycle.

2. Dressable Lower Platen
The special laser cut base allows users to dress garments ovr teh lower platen without strething them out.

3. Qucik-change Control Box
The control box can be taken off and put on easily,which helps machines’s maintenance.

4. Pressure Scale Display
The circuit board shows pressure adjust scale from 0~9,which offers customers an easy and effiecnt detting for different products.

5. RAMLOCK Quick Change System
With self-developed “RAMLOCK” quick change system,customer can change lower platen with different sizes easily.

Model: GS-105S-1620
Heater Size: 16″X20″(406X508mm)
Pressure Display: Yes
Auto Open: Yes
Slide-out LowerPlaten: Yes
Power(120volt) 1800W/16.4Amps
Power(240volt) 1800W/8.2Amps
TemperatureRange: Max.221″C/430*F
Heating Up Time(180℃) 20minutes
Time Range: 0~999S
Way To ChangeLower Platen: “Ramlock” quick change system
Available ExtraLower Platen:
Machine Size(opensize): 75X43X100cm
Packing Size; 84X52X59.5cm
Packing Weight: 54kg
Certificate: CE

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