Products on this pages are finished product. Shipping time depends on regular conditions*.

Shipping conditions HP Express/Paket24/DHL:
The ordered goods are delivered to the entrance to the residential building. In the case of a residential building, the delivery person is not obliged to carry the goods to the floor where the buyer is located, but to the entrance to the building. The goods are delivered throughout Croatia, which is covered by the aforementioned delivery service.
We deliver via HP Express / Paket24 / DHL delivery service usually within 3-5 working days.
The cost of delivery is calculated according to the valid price list of delivery according to the weight of the goods delivered to the desired address.

For the territory of Croatia, delivery is done via HP Express delivery service, while for other countries it is done via DHL courier delivery.


The cost of delivery is covered by the buyer and is calculated according to the price list of the post office or courier company. The cost of delivery is added to the price of the selected product and is stated on the purchase order invoice. The cost of delivery is calculated before the conclusion of the order, so that after the completion of payment you have no more additional costs. The delivery price is calculated according to the delivery price list and the country of destination.

After the shipment is picked up by the courier of the delivery service, we send the customer the number of the shipment, which can be used to inform the delivery service directly about the time of delivery of the package. Nanodiy d.o.o. does not guarantee the exact delivery time. We deliver shipments through intermediaries, ie companies registered for the activity of delivery of shipments and packages. As this part of the work is not performed by Nanodiy, they cannot be held liable for possible time deviations from the stated delivery deadline.
Every customer who places an order through our on-line store is notified by e-mail about the name of the delivery service that picked up the package and the shipment number. Once a shipment is picked up by a delivery service employee, we have no information about the delivery time. For this reason, we send customers the number of the shipment so that they can track it via the Internet, or so that they can be informed about the exact time of delivery at the delivery service.

The products will be packed in such a way that they cannot be damaged by the usual handling during transport. When taking over the product, the buyer is obliged to check for any damage and immediately report it to the delivery employee who delivered the goods, ie refuse to take over the shipment on which external damage is visible. The buyer is obliged to sign the delivery note or delivery note when taking over the goods, and the delivery service takes it as a confirmation of collection.
*Regular conditions include the correct operation of the operating system, orderly and regular delivery of suppliers, regular processing of goods in the warehouse, the usual conditions for transport and delivery of goods. These operations are subject to manual processing and control, but some extraordinary situations that we cannot influence are possible, as a result of which delays in the delivery of shipments are possible. Nanodiy Customer Service will endeavor to promptly notify each customer at his request of a possible delay in the delivery of shipments.