Nanodiy Transfer Paper A4

NANODIY ink is printed on transfer paper with very low absorption layer, which allows the retention of dots of color on the surface of the paper. The structure of the paper and the low surface tension of the ink droplets enables a very accurate positioning of the ink drops on the transfer paper Precise positioning falls within thousandths of a millimeter. The structure of the transfer paper allows very accurate pressure smallest details.


Product Details

  • Nanodiy paper comes in formats A4 and A3
  • A packet of Nanodiy paper contains 50 pieces of paper
  • Nanodiy paper is a special paper with silicone coating (blue side) that does not allow paper to absorb Nanodiy ink
  • It is important to note that it is printed on the blue side
  • We do not advise to use one paper multiple times
Weight 0.601 kg
Dimensions 205 × 290 × 2.5 cm