Nanodiy Start Paket – ALL IN ONE A3

Nanodiy Start box ALL IN ONE contains:
Paper A3 (50pcs)
Nanodiy Sublimation paper A3 (100pcs)
Stabilizer (4x100g)
MTF (4rolls)
TTF A3 (20pcs)

6,546.20 kn (~ 867,71 €)

Product Details

  • Kit with all Nanodiy products needed to start printing on bright and dark materials (supports full color) and sublimation
  • Contains next:
    - Nanodiy RIP Software
    - Nanodiy paer A3 (50pcs / pack)
    - Nanodiy Subli paer A3 (100pcs/pack)
    - Nanodiy TTF A3 (20pcs / pack)
    - Nanodiy Stabilizers Standard, Vintage, Gold, Silver (100g)
    - Nanodiy colors CMYK+FL+CL
    - Nanodiy MTF 4 pieces ( 7.5m x 30cm)
  • Compatible printers:- Epson L800, L805, L810, L7160, ET – 7700 (A4)- Epson L1800, L7180, Et – 7750 (A3)
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 10.5 × 23 cm
Start Box

Nanodiy Start Package A4, Nanodiy Start Package A3