Nanodiy Stabilizer Standard -100g

Stabilizer Standard (and other stabilizers) is a powder that serves as a connective agent and color activator. The color and powder when they are out of contact are inactive and when they achieve contact, they bind and activate at a certain point and bind to a single component. The standard stabilizer is used for application to white and bright materials. It is also used as a connective agent for MTF foils. With it it is possible to print photos and vector formats.

249.00 kn (~ 32,88 €)

Product Details

  • Nanodiy Stabilizer Standard comes in two sizes 100g and 200g (PRO)
  • We use it in combination nanodiy paper and Nanodiy colors when transferring Full color graphics to light materials or as a substrate for MTF and NEO foils
  • Pressed for 30 seconds at 175°C, paper is removed when cooled
Weight 0.133 kg