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What is a “cookie”?

‘Cookies’ are small files your browser saves on your disk when you visit our website. This allows our site to recognize your computer when you visit us the next time, in order to offer you a personalized experience according to your surfing experience.
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What kind of cookie does this site use?

Print and design d.o.o. uses two types of “cookies” on their Internet sites:

“Sequential cookies”: These are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie of your browser until you finish your search. These cookies are mandatory for the proper operation of certain applications or functionalities on this Site.
Persistent cookies: permanent cookies can be used to better experience our users (for example, provide optimized navigation). These cookies remain in the cookie of your browser for a long time. This time period will depend on the choice of settings on your Internet browser. Permanent cookies allow data to be uploaded to a web server each time someone visits the site.

We constantly strive to provide our users with the best possible user experience, so it’s important to note that our websites work optimally only if cookies are enabled. So we can recognize you when you visit our site again, and cookies also enable us to detect and correct errors, so that your page overview is faster and tailored to your needs. Additional information, such as your name or e-mail address, will not be saved – web pages can not access the information they have not given you and can not access other files on your computer.

Third-party cookies

Print and design d.o.o. uses its own cookies on its website, while at the same time allows selected third parties to install their cookies on the user’s computer (the so-called external cookies). These cookies are not set by this site, but some serve to function properly for certain features that make it easier for users to access content. The user grants permission for the use of cookies by the company d.o.o. and third parties.

How to disable cookies?

By turning off the cookie, you decide whether to allow the cookie to be stored on your computer. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your Internet browser.
You are authorized to prohibit receiving cookies by selecting this option from the Tools / Options menu.