DTF Technology

There is no denying that DTF (DirectToFilm) printing technology is entering the printing industry at a rapid pace, due to its advantages such as:

  • –  Ease of operation (user friendly)
  • –  No pre-treatment of dark surfaces
  • –  Economical price
  • –  Print speed
  • –  Print quality and durability
  • –  Possibility of making personalized products

Compared to traditional printing methods such as Screen printing and DTG, DTF  printers are more affordable and are becoming one of the most popular textile printing technologies. NANODIY offers its customers, as always, the best products, making its customers feel satisfied with what they have bought. In this regard, NANODIY is expanding its offer with unique DTF packages!



DTF Basic printer

The package includes an A3 Epson L1800 printer modified for DTF printing, plus RIP and accessories that you will  need to start your DTF business! Due to the white sedimentation, it is necessary to manually shake the paint tank. Also, it is necessary to manually apply the stabilizer powder to the application after printing. All this requires additional time and affects productivity. If you have more time for manual work, then DTFbasic is the right solution for you.






DTF printer plus N18The package contains an additional modification. Namely, the housing is made of quality metal, designed and adapted to additional modification. It is a system for mixing white ink, which prevents the possibility of color sedimentation in the tank. The stabilizer is applied manually. Also, in this package, a significant reinforcement is the dryer that fixes the printed film application under high temperature.







N20 Direct to film printer pro


The design is reminiscent of DTFplus, but only at first glance. Namely, this is a significantly improved version. In addition to the white mixer, a significant addition is the 30 cm wide roll printing accessory. But that’s not all, we have adapted a more stable printer for this platform and thus doubled the print speed.

That it is a production machine is also indicated by a specially designed attachment machine, which automatically shakes off excess powder as well as temperature-fixes the printed film application..






Premium dtf printer

The ultimate package on the market! With productivity from 200% to 400% compared to DTG systems (where the price of DTG ranges from 15,000 to over 30,000 €), it is not surprising that the DTFpremium package will certainly become a frequent piece of equipment in printing houses of all sizes. Prints durable and intensive color prints, built with a robust and reliable head (dual print head system). It has a system for automatic stabilization and fixing of the print on the film. Nanodiy DTF premium focuses on functionality, speed and quality result. One of the synonyms for the Nanodiy DTFpremium package is certainly "speed". Namely, the printing of this printer exceeds 10m2 in 1 hour, and the printed application can be transferred to light and dark textiles without prior treatment … all for less than 15,000 € This package has significant progress compared to alternative technology systems, and when we consider the price that will be less than € 15,000, we believe that it will become one of the favorite technologies in the textile market.



DTF Mini Oven

Mini DTF oven is machine for melting glue and drying printed ink on film. It can be used with all printers except DTF premium printer. Made for drying A3 and A4 prints.







DTF Shaker maschine

mini-dtf-shakerShaker machine is curing machine used as adapter for Plus and Pro printers when is printed with roll option.








And to conclude.

Whether you are dealing with personalized, production printing or you need DTF only for personal use, we are confident that everyone will find the right package from the wide range of Nanodiy DTF packages.

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